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Hello , first off all , if you don't have any ideea what C++ is and you want Wolfman/Lycan full unbugged on your server and other features , you can contact 


I will give you everything to run a test-server with Lycan , but you have to work a lot to make something stable , there are a lot of major bugs. :)

The server files doesn't contains any data , no drops , no npcs , no quests. Only the basic things to make it work. 


With these , i will give you a fully compatible client in English with everything already installed. The SLN files to recompile your own launcher , and the source files for the server.


The compiled DB on the Test Server will run mob_proto & item_proto only from MySQL. :D





Test account:

Username: syron

Password: test


Download links & Virustotal:


Lycan Test Client (EN) -!7F92UIaa!Dq9OpQv66bBmIOTQmY87xNNevq8zM9LHN5PW2hWHJ-o

Wolfman Source -!aN9j3LKC!jjmRcVlhk1QDY6E0HxMJTbudckTtFrlevfVM4ezvdfI

Wolfman Binary SLN -!vB8AiSyJ!nN0Wy0M1vylQbU0y14LktF9668buzbGdI2ys_0_0eBo

Test Server -!CZUG2bhJ!_FNNqK0fr8btKnC2dP52oDFMVOLmN7u_Rd1VwnKvTao

item_proto.sql update in English (only rewrite , don't delete the one from Test Server, thanks to Asta ! ) -!mRkiyKKB!_ALzJDovYvbNUtsEyKGmPHOll3urFIWoqAplnzFjiEQ

Start Positions for Lycan Special Map ( thanks to Denis for some informations! ) (compatible with my Test Server) -!XZEDlZgL!QLPZyrhsSvMqFlPYFgPEAfLUseVXtbkqELyezXLDYnM


Wolfman Source -

Wolfman Binary SLN -

Test Server -

Start Positions -

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