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Client 2k10(40k) && Windows SF

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Here is my version of clean and stable client:

* based on 2k10 client with updated maps/textures etc. working on 40k binary

* client weight ~ 630MB (removed many unused files)

* maps in separated in two folders: outdoor and indoor

* many new features





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-    changed enableCodePage to ime
-    fixed bug while player can't type anything ingame (ime.EnableCaptureInput)
-    fixed bug when you press exit while login the windows is beeing reloaded again instead of closing
-    fixed bug with APPLY_ATT_GRADE and APPLY_DEF_GRADE while login
-    msm files are in folder in root
-    improved display of the statistics bar in select and create
-    improved typing data while login
-    fixed logs from virtual keyboard in syserr.txt
-    improved bonus display from leadership
-    localeInfo instead of locale(prepared for python27)
-    added itemshop button
-    fixed pressing enter, arrow keys while select character (VIRTUAL_KEYBOARD_BUG_FIX)
-    added highlight while clicking on shop
-    improved refine display
-    fixed price moving while selling item and also improved display TOOLTIP_SELL_PRICE [Sales price]
-    removed option to set support skill on mouse
-    change all TRUE to True and all FALSE to False in python
-    added 6th skill
-    changed item highlight to red while you have to small level or wrong character, price always with white color
-    added GM mark display while whisper
-    added option to hide shop names
-    costume system added
-    added highlight on other color maximum bonuses in item
-    added autopotions effect
-    changed to new help window
-    added energy system
-    other color of the frame while spirit stones or ores are added to item
-    small UI fixes (*.py)
-    changed console key to `
-    added button "Remember me"-- ID(in login phase)
-    fixed button 'close' in char select
-    removed button 'sell' from private shop
-    official IntroCreate, IntroSelect and IntroEmpire
-    new loading bar with progress description
-    loadingbar texture moved from "locale" to "uiloading"
-    added information about saved screenshot
-    you can select channels multiple time by pressing enter
-    small login improvements
-    by pressing tab when chat is opened you can change it's channel and text is not removed
-    added option for developers - quick log in (
-    added remembering password to storage and mall until you teleport (after password changing it's reseted)
-    upgrades in new introSelect
-    added Crafting System
*    added itemVnum display (only in debug)
-    small fixed in create and select character interface
-    added Expanded Money Taskbar System
-    added colored highlighting channel state in server selection window
-    added Move Channel System
-    fixed function that is checking possibility to create character (
*    itemVnum displaying is shown by pressing LALT (only in debug)
-    item displayed via hyperlink now are showing icon bellow it's name
-    changed taskbar images
-    changed character position while selecting/creating character to make it fit to shadow
-    modifed script that loads UIScript files
-    added tooltip that displays value (yang) of item directly in inventory
-    new introEmpire, introSelect, introCreate based on gf code with some tweaks
-    small code improvements
-    added posibility to stack Blessing Scrolls
-    added highlighted icon of quest while mouse is over in
-    updated some tga/dds files in ETC
-    added 2 new party affect icons and changed their positions
-    added countdown abort button for logout, quit etc.(requires serverside command)
-    refactored coding-- rememberId (now file is saved in 'c:/users/username/documents/Metin2')
-    refactored coding-- colored item title depending on attr
-    added colored player name in popup window-- such as group invitation, friend etc.
-    added compatibility with gf translations


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-    added loading True and False from python side in client (PythonLauncher.cpp)
-    quest icon is loaded from locale instead of season1 (PythonQuest.cpp)
-    proper display hyperlink color depending on count of attributes (PythonChatModule.cpp, PythonPlayerModule.cpp)
-    added space ("Lv % ") after displayed level (InstanceBaseEffect.cpp)
-    app is 'blinking' when you receive message (PythonNetworkStreamPhaseGame.cpp)
-    app can't stack anymore on windows bar (MSWindow.cpp)
-    faster quest text display (PythonEventManager.cpp)
-    when item cannot find icon of item special icon is assigned '0.tga' instead of empty bottle (ItemManager.cpp)
-    BOX_VISIBLE_LINE_COUNT changed from 5 to 15 (PythonEventManager.h)


Client_1.12 - entire client: 
mirror #1!xkxEgTTD!-SMjZSX12EyWSVvNxdYhMmp9Zeb-B-iRmL_z-NNS1uE

Update_1.2 - contains: binary source with extern and update:
mirror #1!Q0w2BKIK!Hl0g5Eojygy5CZDe3ZYI1aDP1wIpcM_9ohk-eIQwwfM
mirror #2

mirror #1

mirror #1

mirros #1


Windows Server Files development machine with source
mirror #1


Server source + Windows SF + Ymir documentations (translated into english)

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Compiled: Visual Studio 2017-- v90 toolset

You can use any Visual Studio that has v90 toolset


Tutorial Windows SF(localhost😞

1)Set up a database using MySQL Server--  in my case MariaDB has problem with saving items in DB(MySQL files inside Server/db/MySQL)

2)Launch make_windows_env.bat as admin and game/make_channel_env.bat as admin


Starting Windows SF:

Run MySQL then launch start_d.bat(debug) or start.bat(release) without admin rights

Console colors: db auth game game99

based on "mainline"
-	fixed DB starting
-	fixed guild exploits
-	fixed guild war
-	fixed shutdown command
-	fixed dungeon coredowner
-	fixed hp overflow
-	fixed hp < 0 after warp
-	fixed receiving status points above 90 level
-	fixed too long cube result list
-	fixed invisibility
-	fixed sura magic sword
-	fixed player kill trigger
-	fixed client version check
-	fixed ghostmode

-	removed requirement for glass of insight
-	removed requirement for emotion mask
-	removed potions on level up
-	removed empire language	convertion
-	removed 3% tax in shops

-	blocked skill using during OX event
-	blocked using sword aura skill without weapon
-	blocked adding 6/7 bonus to a costume
-	blocked adding stone to item while is equipped

-	enabled using 6/7 bonus
-	enabled selling items for 0 yang at NPC shop
-	enabled selling 70024 & 70035 at NPC shop
-	enabled pc_change_name

-	added move_channel command with countdown
-	added abort countdown command
-	added movement & attack speed potion effect
-	added exchange & pc_shop effect
-	added possibility for equipement to drop with up to 5 bonuses
-	added possibility for accessory to drop with up to 3 slots

-	item stacking for party member
-	party leader is receiving 5%/10%/15% of given bonus


- release mode has bug with spending status and skill points (not occur in debug)

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