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How to block client bug

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A player can use a python cheat or client extractor by putting their python script in the game directory and naming it "". This will detour the player from doing so.



1. Unpack your root archive.


2. Edit the file "".


3. Find this line:


4. Replace the entire line with this:


if not os.path.exists('') and not os.path.isfile(''):
			dbg.LogBox('Ah so you want to try to extract the client?n'
								'Or maybe you want to run your favorite cheat?n'
								'Not gonna happen...n'
								'It seems I have already thought of this.n'
								'I am ATLEAST one step ahead of you...n'
								"TRY HARDER BRO")
			exception.Abort("Unsupported file, please delete it. (TRY HARDER BRO)") # Syserr.txt
You can of-course change the message to whatever you like. "/n" denotes a line break.


Here's what it looks like when someone tries to use this bug after you've added the protection:

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