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[Collection] Useful tools to get you started

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his thread will be updated from time to time with useful things for server administrators.

- WinSCP, for transfer of files from your computer to a remote server.

- PuTTy for SSH access to your server.

- Navicat Premium for database management.!uUgyGQya!HGElJ1M-vWGrjgpyP9vuSNXHc_mdUglRpuOLtx3f8To

- Notepad++ for code edits.

- HxD for byte-patching binaries manually.

- FileArchiver r3869 by Tim for unpacking and packing client archives using panama encryption.

- EterNexus File Archiver for unpacking and packing client archives.

- BlackYuko's DIF Patcher for byte-patching binaries.

- dump_proto.exe for converting 2013 database proto txt files to client-side proto files.!bIgzhICY!ULdNfeSM0bXYUBOdHA9L3pcS_h95VCv0CNCIPqlsZn8
- Paint.NET for image editing.
- Photoshop DDS plugin


- VirtualBox

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