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[HowTo*]Anti-Elixir in duel

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Hi there,

I did this long time ago and i was thinking to share it, is not something wow but im still new in c++ and i dont really understand evrything so if u find any bugs in this system you are free to say.Search in server/game/pvp.cpp for :

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Add under :

  Reveal hidden contents

Ok now we implement a function im not the author of it , the author is 

So in pvp.cpp we search for:

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In pvp.h we search this:

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Now we finished with this function that helps us to check if a player is in a duel.

We open char_item.cpp and we search and add under:

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I think thats it,I will come later with extra code for banning other potions like normal red or blessing.

Have a nice day.

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