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[FIX] PM flooder kick hack

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Hi everyone,

Maybe just in my country, but it looks so many people started using

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PM flooder which cause a buffer overflow in the target client. It can be fixed easily on server-side, so let's do it:


Add these functions as public to char.h:

    void ClearPMCounter(void)       { m_iPMCounter = 0;      } 
    void IncreasePMCounter(void)    { m_iPMCounter++;        }
    void SetLastPMPulse(void);
    int  GetPMCounter(void)   const { return m_iPMCounter;   }
    int  GetLastPMPulse(void) const { return m_iLastPMPulse; }

Add these to char.h too, but as protected:

int m_iLastPMPulse;
int m_iPMCounter;

Add this function to char.cpp:

void CHARACTER::SetLastPMPulse(void)
      m_iLastPMPulse = thecore_pulse() + 25;

Still in char.cpp search for the Initialize and add these to the function:

m_iLastPMPulse = 0;
m_iPMCounter = 0;

Now navigate to the Whisper function in input_main.cpp and add this after the iExtraLen variable checking at the top:

if (ch->GetLastPMPulse() < thecore_pulse())
if (ch->GetPMCounter() > 3 && ch->GetLastPMPulse() > thecore_pulse())
   return -1;

Search for this still in the Whisper function:

if (pkChr == ch)
    return (iExtraLen);

Add these after that:


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