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[HOWTO]Compile the Source code on FreeBSD (noob-proof)

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Today's New Year's eve, and I felt that I should help the people who can't compile the gamecore/db on FreeBSD, because of the library mess that's usually going on - most people compile DevIL, mysqlclient etc from the ports collection, as this takes a lot of time, hardware resources, and even knowledge for some.
Given this situation, I've decided to compile from the official sources of all the required libraries, and tidy a bit up the all lib-includes files, by putting them all into the Extern folder (link below). This allows to brush away some stuff from the Server folder:
(Yay, it's so clean and shiny  :wub: )
I've also changed the makefiles according to the needs (link also below).
This pre-done stuff should easy the process of compilation a lot for others, not to mention that it should work on all branches (I'm gonna test this next year lol  :rolleyes: )

  • Decompress your Server folder from your favourite branch, and upload it to a FreeBSD machine, which has gmake, makedepend and python installed. Nothing more is needed (except for gcc/g++ ofc).
  • Upload the Extern.tgz archive into the same folder where you put the Server folder, and extract it.
  • Patch the Makefiles in the Server folder with the ones from
  • Compile using gmake / gmake all / gmake game / gmake db from within the Server folder.

Video (da n00b prooph part):
Note: my English pronounciation isn't that great; I'll be adding subtitles asap.





Happy New Year!  :lol:

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