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Fully untouched 34083 server files & DB

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For years now we've relied on various file leaks which were usually in some Asian language, up until 2010 when someone (nico_w?) released the SG database. Even after this date, we continued to use our old file structures and methods, and old bash scripts to manage our servers. In 2013, some files were released which came from a private server that was based off the SG files. This isn't a thread to talk about who's right or wrong, or who did what work or anything like that... just a place to release files. The reason this release is beneficial is we've never really had a full release of "clean" and "untouched" files. Every time someone releases files they have some stupid backdoor added or are heavily modified from the original. The goal of this release is to get the files to be as close as possible to an official server, and remove things like Xtrap which none of us are using anyway. Official files is what all the pservers are based off of, so having the official structure just makes sense. There are several threads online with files that have been modified by some person but I never see threads with the files the way they originally came.

These files in the game folder are from July, 2013 and the game/db cores are fully unmodified and straight from YMIR. That includes lack of modification to make them compatible with certain clients or anything like that. Garbage files like old logs are removed and ready to be generated when you launch your server. These are meant to be a "base server" for the one you want to create. For this reason, there are no customized quests or new items and stuff like that. It's only what SG had in 2013 of July.

The database structure is the one from this thread:

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The item_proto and mob_proto is the one from SG in July 2013. I've included a tool in the download as well used to dump the server proto to the client.

Since the goal is purity of files, but some files had to be slightly modified for simplicity (and so they run at all) here's the list of things changed/removed:

- Removed panama folder.
- Removed old log files and pid files, etc..
- Removed Xcrap stuff
- Removed all traces to the above (Symlinks) from
- Removed cshybridcrypt files.
- Modified CONFIG file to guide you into configuration for your own usage.
- The quests are from the leak of pserver files based off SG. Some of these may or may not work fully.
- Timebomb fix applied (Updated: March 13th, 2014)

Now in order to use these files:

1. Upload and untar the database and server files. "untouched_34083_db.tar.gz" goes in "/var/db".
2. Navigate with PuTTy to the game folder as a root user and run this command: "chown -R metin2 .".
3. Navigate to the game folder as the metin2 user and run This will setup all the permissions and symlinks correctly.
4. Restart your database with the command "service mysql-server restart".

The server can be started and stopped by executing "" and "" and logs can be cleared by executing "". All of these are found in the game folder. Make sure to "/shutdown" ingame before using "" or you may have data loss. Don't be alarmed when running the shutdown script, it's normal for PuTTy to not give you a prompt for a while (you haven't disconnected from SSH).

How to convert the database proto to a perfect client-side proto:

1. Grab the following files from the conf folder in the server files:


2. Put those files in a folder with the "dump_proto.exe" tool and run it. It will automatically generate the protos for your client assuming you have followed the correct structure of the txt files.


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 (Updated: March 13th, 2014)
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