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  1. Good afternoon guys, As far as I know there is no available up to date client at the moment, so it's finally time to release one. Can I modify the root? It have .py files? Yes, you can modify it without any problems. Is it contains the updates from the last few weeks? Yes, everything till today. Can I unpack the patches or they are archived with type 4? Every patch has been repacked with type 0-1-2 without any modifications. What archiver should I use? It depends on you, but you can use the r3869/r2806 by Tim, which is available on this board. Is the client have any modifications? No, I just had to modify some lines in the root to get it work with the binary. Is there any way to use again the "pong"? Yes! The client contains 2 binary and the secondary one support it. (Please note: Without the modification of the (40250)game file the secondary binary will not work) metin2client_without_pong.exe metin2client_with_pong.exe Is the binary use Python 2.7? Sure, it's using 2.7. Is the the client have any known bug? I tested many time the client and I didn't found anything. Please let me know if you found an issue. I don't trust you. Can you prepare a VirusTotal? I can't. The size of the client is way too big for VT, but you can find the results of the binaries on pastebin. Download: PASTEBIN