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  1. Hello devs Today I would like to present you a new solution that can make you feel more safe with your GMs. This is my first release and it's very simple to do, I'm just posting it here for the newbies and those who don't know how to start searching and other shit like that WHAT IS THIS SYSTEM? This system is a number of preventions for GameMaster characters about certain interractions with normal players in the game. The functions you are about to see are blocking GMs from: Trading items with normal players (and the opposite) Invite normal players to parties (and the opposite) Invite normal players to guilds (and the opposite) Adding normal players as friend contacts (I would say and the opposite but it already exists by default ) Drop items to the ground Build their own private shops with the Bundle item Buy items from a private shop Block a GM from buffing normal players Using the commands /set, /a and /setskillother to normal players WHO IS THIS SYSTEM FOR? I believe we can all agree that trust in partnership is a rare thing these days. This system is released from me for the Admins out there that cannot trust their GMs (and many times their self) so much. Imagine having a server and your GM just gives away items for free to everyone. Bad huh? I thought so... So with this system you are sure that your GMs will do their job properly and won't violate any game rules behind your backs. Your server has rules (as all games out there) and if you wanted people to have some items for free you can easily put those items for sale into the town vendors. People who do this kind of things behind your backs are not authorized by you to do it but I believe that it happened (if not happening yet) to the best of you guys, that's why I'm releasing it. It's time to set some things right in your servers, GMs exist to answer questions and not helping players cheat without any authorization from the administrators, so without further ado, let's get started. SORRY AGAIN, ONE MORE THING I BELIEVE THIS QUESTION IS IN THE MIND OF A DEVELOPER WHO READS THIS GUIDE: MIND RAPIST, WHY DO YOU USE THE IsGM() BOOLEAN TO CHECK IF A PLAYER IS A GM AND NOT USE THE TRADITIONAL CHECK GetGMLevel() > GM_PLAYER? In this tutorial, we will be using the bool IsGM() instead of the usual check because some of the guys who see this may have added @Alina's GM Elevation system. In that case, GetGMLevel() won't work before the character elevates, so our GMs will be able to bypass the check and just create a perfect item, relog and give it away before they elevate. We don't want that don't we? So who ever wants to use GetGMLevel() > GM_PLAYER instead of IsGM() there is no difference you can do that guys, except if you did the elevation system, then you need to use my function in order to work. So let's get the party started. PARTY INVITATION BLOCK In char.cpp search for the function "void CHARACTER::PartyInvite(LPCHARACTER pchInvitee)" and under add this: Done with party block, let's continue BUNDLE USAGE BLOCK FOR CREATING PRIVATE SHOPS In char_item.cpp search for the function "bool CHARACTER::UseItemEx(LPITEM item, TItemPos DestCell)" and under add this: Done, let's continue ITEM DROP BLOCK Still in char_item.cpp search for the function "bool CHARACTER::DropItem(TItemPos Cell, BYTE bCount)" and under add this: Done with that one, you can close char_item.cpp. Let's move on BUFF BLOCK In char_skill.cpp find this: and paste this under it: Done with that, next! /SET COMMAND BLOCK FOR PLAYERS In cmd_gm.cpp search for the function "ACMD(do_set)" and under add this: Done, but do not close, we have more commands to block! /A COMMAND BLOCK FOR PLAYERS Still in cmd_gm.cpp, search for the function "ACMD(do_advance)" and under add this: Do not close that file yet, one more command left to block /SETSKILLOTHER COMMAND BLOCK FOR PLAYERS Still in this file, search for the function "ACMD(do_setskillother)" and under add this: Done with the commands, you may close cmd_gm.cpp and move on EXCHANGE BLOCK In exchange.cpp search for the function "bool CHARACTER::ExchangeStart(LPCHARACTER victim)" and under (if you have sash system in your source, the top line may be "if ( IsOpenSafebox() || GetShopOwner() || GetMyShop() || IsCubeOpen() || IsAcceOpen() )") add this: Done with the exchange, moving on! GUILD INVITATION BLOCK In guild.cpp search for the function "void CGuild::Invite( LPCHARACTER pchInviter, LPCHARACTER pchInvitee )" and under add this: Here goes the guild invitation, let's move forward FRIEND LIST BLOCK In input_main.cpp search for the function "int CInputMain::Messenger(LPCHARACTER ch, const char* c_pData, size_t uiBytes)" and find this line: change it like this: Still in the same function, find this line in "case MESSENGER_SUBHEADER_CG_ADD_BY_NAME:": and add this: Friends are done. Let's move on to the last one! BUYING ITEMS FROM PRIVATE SHOPS BLOCK In shop_manager.cpp search for the function "void CShopManager::Buy(LPCHARACTER ch, BYTE pos)" and under add this: Done It's not something hard to do, I just gathered everything in one place, you can now sleep at night knowing that your GMs cannot fraud you. I would like to give special thanks to @VegaS who wrote the blocks for buffs, party and guild invitation, thanks so much buddy Note: These will block any interraction between a GM and a normal player, but a GM will be able to interract with another GM (example trade GM with GM). And before someone asks yes I thought about a safebox block for GMs but there is no need for that since you can login to his account and create 3 players, then logout and delete them directly from their database, leaving 3 warriors with Level 0 that cannot login to the game. Let the poor GMs have their safebox it's the only thing left to them after that I think So I hope I helped some folks here the tutorial is done Kind regards ~ Mind Rapist
  2. priv_empire ? /priv_empire where type is 1:exp frog ? /frog (1 2 3) Spawn a Gold Frog during Siege War. Mob drops 10m gold. weaken GM_GOD NO ARG Reduce Hp of all nearby mobs to 1 item GM_GOD /item /item create an item advance GM_GOD /advance set player level to val user GM_HIGH_WIZARD NOARG lists all user in the current core notice GM_HIGH_WIZARD /notice broadcast a notice to all server eventflag GM_HIGH_WIZARD /eventflag set event flag mob GM_HIGH_WIZARD /mob /mob spawn a mob ma GM_HIGH_WIZARD /ma spawn an agressive mob mc GM_HIGH_WIZARD /mc spawn a coward mob mm GM_HIGH_WIZARD /mm spawn a mob in a random place kill GM_HIGH_WIZARD /kill kill a player ipurge GM_HIGH_WIZARD NO ARG purge a item in my invertory group GM_HIGH_WIZARD /group spawn a mob group grrandom GM_HIGH_WIZARD /grrandom spawn a random group reset GM_HIGH_WIZARD NO ARG set player HP and SP to normal state shutdown GM_HIGH_WIZARD NO ARG shutdown all server makeguild GM_HIGH_WIZARD /makeguild create a guild for test deleteguild GM_HIGH_WIZARD NO ARG delete guild setskillother GM_HIGH_WIZARD /setskillother set specified character's skill level cooltime GM_HIGH_WIZARD NO ARG make a character who have no skill cooltime polyitem GM_HIGH_WIZARD /polyitem create a polymorph item(70104) for polymorph to vnum xmas_boom GM_HIGH_WIZARD NO ARG make it eclipse. And spawn event helper xmas_snow GM_HIGH_WIZARD NO ARG let it snow xmas_santa GM_HIGH_WIZARD NO ARG spawn a santa block_chat GM_HIGH_WIZARD /jy block character chating time: add to h, m, s with number. Ex> 10m for 10 minutes block_chat_list GM_HIGH_WIZARD NO ARG display blocked character list horse_state GM_HIGH_WIZARD NO ARG display my horse information horse_level GM_HIGH_WIZARD /horse_level set character's horse level horse_ride GM_HIGH_WIZARD NO ARG toggle horse ride horse_summon GM_HIGH_WIZARD NO ARG summon my horse horse_unsummon GM_HIGH_WIZARD NO ARG send back horse horse_set_stat GM_HIGH_WIZARD /horse_set_stat set my horse state reset_subskill GM_HIGH_WIZARD /reset_subskill reset character's sub skill levels eclipse GM_HIGH_WIZARD /eclipse make it eclipse 0: not eclipse mode 1: eclipse mode who GM_IMPLEMENTOR NO ARG print user count state set GM_IMPLEMENTOR /set set player attribute. Field: gold, exp, max_hp, max_sp, aligment book GM_IMPLEMENTOR /book /book create a book for specifed skill refine_rod GM_IMPLEMENTOR /refine_rod refine my rod to val level refine_pick GM_IMPLEMENTOR /refine_pick refine my pick to val level max_pick GM_IMPLEMENTOR /max_pick change my pick at inventory pos to max level fish_simul GM_IMPLEMENTOR /fish_simul simulate fish probability. Prob_idx: 1~4 setskillpoint GM_IMPLEMENTOR /setskillpoint set characters skill point reload GM_IMPLEMENTOR /reload reload server settings. u: Reloading state_user_count p: Reloading prototype tables s: Reloading notice string q: Reloading quest f: Reloading fishing a: Reloading Admin information c: Reloading Blending Cube mount_test GM_IMPLEMENTOR /mount_test mount to vnum (not all vnum can ride) observer GM_IMPLEMENTOR NO ARG toggle observer mode socketitem GM_IMPLEMENTOR /socketitem create a item that have socket change_attr GM_IMPLEMENTOR NO ARG change weapon's attribute add_attr GM_IMPLEMENTOR NO ARG add a attribute to weapon add_socket GM_IMPLEMENTOR NO ARG add a socket to weapon warp GM_LOW_WIZARD /warp /warp warp to character or map pos(global coordinate) notice_map GM_LOW_WIZARD /motice_map broadcast a notice message to a Map which is GM connected to dc GM_LOW_WIZARD /dc force disconnect a player. transfer GM_LOW_WIZARD /transfer bring a player to GM goto GM_LOW_WIZARD /goto warp to local map position(local coordinate) level GM_LOW_WIZARD /level set GM level to geteventflag GM_LOW_WIZARD NO ARG lists event flag to chat window console GM_LOW_WIZARD NO ARG enable a client debug mode stat_reset GM_LOW_WIZARD NO ARG reset character state point state GM_LOW_WIZARD /state # /state /state display a character state invisible GM_LOW_WIZARD NO ARG toggle invisiable mode setskill GM_LOW_WIZARD /setskill set my skill level gwlist GM_LOW_WIZARD NO ARG display guild war list gwstop GM_LOW_WIZARD /gwstop stop guild war between id1 and id2 forcely gwcancel GM_LOW_WIZARD /gwcancel cancel guild war between id1 and id2 forcely gstate GM_LOW_WIZARD /gstate display guild state getqf GM_LOW_WIZARD NO ARG /getqf display character's quest flag setqf GM_LOW_WIZARD /setqf /setqf set character's quest flag delqf GM_LOW_WIZARD /delqf /delqf [] delete character's quest flag forgetme GM_LOW_WIZARD NO ARG monsters that attack me will not attack aggregate GM_LOW_WIZARD NO ARG near monsters will attack me attract_ranger GM_LOW_WIZARD NO ARG range attack monsters will attack me pull_monster GM_LOW_WIZARD NO ARG pull monster to me polymorph GM_LOW_WIZARD /polymorph polymorph to vnum show_arena_list GM_LOW_WIZARD NO ARG lists arena end_all_duel GM_LOW_WIZARD NO ARG stops all arena duel end_duel GM_LOW_WIZARD /end_duel stops specificed name's duel duel GM_LOW_WIZARD /duel starts duel between con+ GM_LOW_WIZARD /con+ add con state point int+ GM_LOW_WIZARD /int+ add int state point str+ GM_LOW_WIZARD /str+ add str state point dex+ GM_LOW_WIZARD /dex+ add dex state point break_marriage GM_LOW_WIZARD /break_marriage break marriage and forcely open_oxevent GM_LOW_WIZARD NO ARG start ox quiz event close_oxevent_door GM_LOW_WIZARD NO ARG stop user enter to ox quiz event end_oxevent GM_LOW_WIZARD NO ARG end current ox quiz event end_oxevent_force GM_LOW_WIZARD NO ARG end current ox quiz event force start_quiz GM_LOW_WIZARD NO ARG display a ox quiz. show_quiz GM_LOW_WIZARD NO ARG lists loaded current ox quiz log_oxevent GM_LOW_WIZARD NO ARG log current attended ox quiz user. get_oxevent_att GM_LOW_WIZARD NO ARG counts current attend user give_item_to_att GM_LOW_WIZARD /give_item_to_att give item to attend user effect GM_LOW_WIZARD /effect show effect threeway_info GM_LOW_WIZARD NO ARG show threeway war info threeway_myinfo GM_LOW_WIZARD NO ARG show threeway war info of mine siege GM_LOW_WIZARD /siege start or stop siege war. When siege war is running, re-type /sige will be stop current war. Empire num 0: random empire 1-3: specific empire tower count 5-10 ungroup GM_PLAYER NO ARG quit from party close_shop GM_PLAYER NO ARG close my private shop set_walk_mode GM_PLAYER NO ARG make player walk set_run_mode GM_PLAYER NO ARG make player run build GM_PLAYER /build r clear land and land owner kiss GM_PLAYER NO ARG emotion slap GM_PLAYER NO ARG emotion french_kiss GM_PLAYER NO ARG emotion clap GM_PLAYER NO ARG emotion cheer1 GM_PLAYER NO ARG emotion cheer2 GM_PLAYER NO ARG emotion dance1 GM_PLAYER NO ARG emotion dance2 GM_PLAYER NO ARG emotion dance3 GM_PLAYER NO ARG emotion dance4 GM_PLAYER NO ARG emotion dance5 GM_PLAYER NO ARG emotion dance1 GM_PLAYER NO ARG emotion dance2 GM_PLAYER NO ARG emotion dance3 GM_PLAYER NO ARG emotion dance4 GM_PLAYER NO ARG emotion dance5 GM_PLAYER NO ARG emotion congratulation GM_PLAYER NO ARG emotion forgive GM_PLAYER NO ARG emotion angry GM_PLAYER NO ARG emotion attractive GM_PLAYER NO ARG emotion sad GM_PLAYER NO ARG emotion shy GM_PLAYER NO ARG emotion cheerup GM_PLAYER NO ARG emotion banter GM_PLAYER NO ARG emotion joy GM_PLAYER NO ARG emotion user_horse_ride GM_PLAYER NO ARG toggle horse ride user_horse_back GM_PLAYER NO ARG send back horse user_horse_feed GM_PLAYER NO ARG feed horse mto GM_PLAYER /mto warp to character. Empire Lord only can use this command mtr GM_PLAYER /mtr transfer character to me. Empire Lord only can use this command minfo GM_PLAYER NO ARG display Empire information. Empire Lord only can use this command mtax GM_PLAYER /mtax set trade tax for my empire. Empire Lord only can use this command mmob GM_PLAYER /mmob summon a monster. Summonable monster vnum 191, 192, 193, 194, 391, 392, 393, 394, 491, 492, 493, 494, 591, 691, 791, 1091, 1304, 1901, 2091, 2191, 2206 mnotice GM_PLAYER /mnotice broadcast a notice to my empire. Empire Lord only can use this command purge GM_WIZARD /purge all purge all npc and mob near to GM respawn GM_WIZARD /respawn all /respawn respawn all mob or near mob