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  1. priv_empire ? /priv_empire where type is 1:exp frog ? /frog (1 2 3) Spawn a Gold Frog during Siege War. Mob drops 10m gold. weaken GM_GOD NO ARG Reduce Hp of all nearby mobs to 1 item GM_GOD /item /item create an item advance GM_GOD /advance set player level to val user GM_HIGH_WIZARD NOARG lists all user in the current core notice GM_HIGH_WIZARD /notice broadcast a notice to all server eventflag GM_HIGH_WIZARD /eventflag set event flag mob GM_HIGH_WIZARD /mob /mob spawn a mob ma GM_HIGH_WIZARD /ma spawn an agressive mob mc GM_HIGH_WIZARD /mc spawn a coward mob mm GM_HIGH_WIZARD /mm spawn a mob in a random place kill GM_HIGH_WIZARD /kill kill a player ipurge GM_HIGH_WIZARD NO ARG purge a item in my invertory group GM_HIGH_WIZARD /group spawn a mob group grrandom GM_HIGH_WIZARD /grrandom spawn a random group reset GM_HIGH_WIZARD NO ARG set player HP and SP to normal state shutdown GM_HIGH_WIZARD NO ARG shutdown all server makeguild GM_HIGH_WIZARD /makeguild create a guild for test deleteguild GM_HIGH_WIZARD NO ARG delete guild setskillother GM_HIGH_WIZARD /setskillother set specified character's skill level cooltime GM_HIGH_WIZARD NO ARG make a character who have no skill cooltime polyitem GM_HIGH_WIZARD /polyitem create a polymorph item(70104) for polymorph to vnum xmas_boom GM_HIGH_WIZARD NO ARG make it eclipse. And spawn event helper xmas_snow GM_HIGH_WIZARD NO ARG let it snow xmas_santa GM_HIGH_WIZARD NO ARG spawn a santa block_chat GM_HIGH_WIZARD /jy block character chating time: add to h, m, s with number. Ex> 10m for 10 minutes block_chat_list GM_HIGH_WIZARD NO ARG display blocked character list horse_state GM_HIGH_WIZARD NO ARG display my horse information horse_level GM_HIGH_WIZARD /horse_level set character's horse level horse_ride GM_HIGH_WIZARD NO ARG toggle horse ride horse_summon GM_HIGH_WIZARD NO ARG summon my horse horse_unsummon GM_HIGH_WIZARD NO ARG send back horse horse_set_stat GM_HIGH_WIZARD /horse_set_stat set my horse state reset_subskill GM_HIGH_WIZARD /reset_subskill reset character's sub skill levels eclipse GM_HIGH_WIZARD /eclipse make it eclipse 0: not eclipse mode 1: eclipse mode who GM_IMPLEMENTOR NO ARG print user count state set GM_IMPLEMENTOR /set set player attribute. Field: gold, exp, max_hp, max_sp, aligment book GM_IMPLEMENTOR /book /book create a book for specifed skill refine_rod GM_IMPLEMENTOR /refine_rod refine my rod to val level refine_pick GM_IMPLEMENTOR /refine_pick refine my pick to val level max_pick GM_IMPLEMENTOR /max_pick change my pick at inventory pos to max level fish_simul GM_IMPLEMENTOR /fish_simul simulate fish probability. Prob_idx: 1~4 setskillpoint GM_IMPLEMENTOR /setskillpoint set characters skill point reload GM_IMPLEMENTOR /reload reload server settings. u: Reloading state_user_count p: Reloading prototype tables s: Reloading notice string q: Reloading quest f: Reloading fishing a: Reloading Admin information c: Reloading Blending Cube mount_test GM_IMPLEMENTOR /mount_test mount to vnum (not all vnum can ride) observer GM_IMPLEMENTOR NO ARG toggle observer mode socketitem GM_IMPLEMENTOR /socketitem create a item that have socket change_attr GM_IMPLEMENTOR NO ARG change weapon's attribute add_attr GM_IMPLEMENTOR NO ARG add a attribute to weapon add_socket GM_IMPLEMENTOR NO ARG add a socket to weapon warp GM_LOW_WIZARD /warp /warp warp to character or map pos(global coordinate) notice_map GM_LOW_WIZARD /motice_map broadcast a notice message to a Map which is GM connected to dc GM_LOW_WIZARD /dc force disconnect a player. transfer GM_LOW_WIZARD /transfer bring a player to GM goto GM_LOW_WIZARD /goto warp to local map position(local coordinate) level GM_LOW_WIZARD /level set GM level to geteventflag GM_LOW_WIZARD NO ARG lists event flag to chat window console GM_LOW_WIZARD NO ARG enable a client debug mode stat_reset GM_LOW_WIZARD NO ARG reset character state point state GM_LOW_WIZARD /state # /state /state display a character state invisible GM_LOW_WIZARD NO ARG toggle invisiable mode setskill GM_LOW_WIZARD /setskill set my skill level gwlist GM_LOW_WIZARD NO ARG display guild war list gwstop GM_LOW_WIZARD /gwstop stop guild war between id1 and id2 forcely gwcancel GM_LOW_WIZARD /gwcancel cancel guild war between id1 and id2 forcely gstate GM_LOW_WIZARD /gstate display guild state getqf GM_LOW_WIZARD NO ARG /getqf display character's quest flag setqf GM_LOW_WIZARD /setqf /setqf set character's quest flag delqf GM_LOW_WIZARD /delqf /delqf [] delete character's quest flag forgetme GM_LOW_WIZARD NO ARG monsters that attack me will not attack aggregate GM_LOW_WIZARD NO ARG near monsters will attack me attract_ranger GM_LOW_WIZARD NO ARG range attack monsters will attack me pull_monster GM_LOW_WIZARD NO ARG pull monster to me polymorph GM_LOW_WIZARD /polymorph polymorph to vnum show_arena_list GM_LOW_WIZARD NO ARG lists arena end_all_duel GM_LOW_WIZARD NO ARG stops all arena duel end_duel GM_LOW_WIZARD /end_duel stops specificed name's duel duel GM_LOW_WIZARD /duel starts duel between con+ GM_LOW_WIZARD /con+ add con state point int+ GM_LOW_WIZARD /int+ add int state point str+ GM_LOW_WIZARD /str+ add str state point dex+ GM_LOW_WIZARD /dex+ add dex state point break_marriage GM_LOW_WIZARD /break_marriage break marriage and forcely open_oxevent GM_LOW_WIZARD NO ARG start ox quiz event close_oxevent_door GM_LOW_WIZARD NO ARG stop user enter to ox quiz event end_oxevent GM_LOW_WIZARD NO ARG end current ox quiz event end_oxevent_force GM_LOW_WIZARD NO ARG end current ox quiz event force start_quiz GM_LOW_WIZARD NO ARG display a ox quiz. show_quiz GM_LOW_WIZARD NO ARG lists loaded current ox quiz log_oxevent GM_LOW_WIZARD NO ARG log current attended ox quiz user. get_oxevent_att GM_LOW_WIZARD NO ARG counts current attend user give_item_to_att GM_LOW_WIZARD /give_item_to_att give item to attend user effect GM_LOW_WIZARD /effect show effect threeway_info GM_LOW_WIZARD NO ARG show threeway war info threeway_myinfo GM_LOW_WIZARD NO ARG show threeway war info of mine siege GM_LOW_WIZARD /siege start or stop siege war. When siege war is running, re-type /sige will be stop current war. Empire num 0: random empire 1-3: specific empire tower count 5-10 ungroup GM_PLAYER NO ARG quit from party close_shop GM_PLAYER NO ARG close my private shop set_walk_mode GM_PLAYER NO ARG make player walk set_run_mode GM_PLAYER NO ARG make player run build GM_PLAYER /build r clear land and land owner kiss GM_PLAYER NO ARG emotion slap GM_PLAYER NO ARG emotion french_kiss GM_PLAYER NO ARG emotion clap GM_PLAYER NO ARG emotion cheer1 GM_PLAYER NO ARG emotion cheer2 GM_PLAYER NO ARG emotion dance1 GM_PLAYER NO ARG emotion dance2 GM_PLAYER NO ARG emotion dance3 GM_PLAYER NO ARG emotion dance4 GM_PLAYER NO ARG emotion dance5 GM_PLAYER NO ARG emotion dance1 GM_PLAYER NO ARG emotion dance2 GM_PLAYER NO ARG emotion dance3 GM_PLAYER NO ARG emotion dance4 GM_PLAYER NO ARG emotion dance5 GM_PLAYER NO ARG emotion congratulation GM_PLAYER NO ARG emotion forgive GM_PLAYER NO ARG emotion angry GM_PLAYER NO ARG emotion attractive GM_PLAYER NO ARG emotion sad GM_PLAYER NO ARG emotion shy GM_PLAYER NO ARG emotion cheerup GM_PLAYER NO ARG emotion banter GM_PLAYER NO ARG emotion joy GM_PLAYER NO ARG emotion user_horse_ride GM_PLAYER NO ARG toggle horse ride user_horse_back GM_PLAYER NO ARG send back horse user_horse_feed GM_PLAYER NO ARG feed horse mto GM_PLAYER /mto warp to character. Empire Lord only can use this command mtr GM_PLAYER /mtr transfer character to me. Empire Lord only can use this command minfo GM_PLAYER NO ARG display Empire information. Empire Lord only can use this command mtax GM_PLAYER /mtax set trade tax for my empire. Empire Lord only can use this command mmob GM_PLAYER /mmob summon a monster. Summonable monster vnum 191, 192, 193, 194, 391, 392, 393, 394, 491, 492, 493, 494, 591, 691, 791, 1091, 1304, 1901, 2091, 2191, 2206 mnotice GM_PLAYER /mnotice broadcast a notice to my empire. Empire Lord only can use this command purge GM_WIZARD /purge all purge all npc and mob near to GM respawn GM_WIZARD /respawn all /respawn respawn all mob or near mob